Can Aadhaar Card deactivated if Person is dead or expired

Getting Aadhaar Card was not an easy task ever. But for newborns there is a facility to get enrolled for Aadhar in hospital itself.

Can Aadhaar Card deactivated if Person is dead or expired

But what if a person is dead, how to deactivate or report his data from the UIDAI Database saying the person is no more alive. This is actually very confusing matter and no one has information regarding this topic from government officials to the general public.

On Aadhaar UIDAI Official Portal itself there is nothing mentioned about how to delete the database or Aadhaar if person is no more alive.

Concerned officials when asked this questioned they replied back saying such request has to come from the State Government, also the Gram Panchayat or GHMC can inform the concerned department about the details of dead person. As soon as such request has been received by Aadhaar Officials, they will start processing the deactivation process of Aadhaar Number of that dead person. And in future the same number will not be allotted to anyone else.

However this feature of reporting to remove the data of Aadhaar of expired or deal resident has been recently introduced, but the awareness is very low among the public.